I care a lot about affirmative action. Actually I am against it. I will be straight up. You know, the fact is, I am a minority–because I am a woman. I find this ridiculous. I want to be measured on the basis of other things, not my gender. I think that everyone suffers and can taste what discrimination is like on many levels. So, I feel that I have every right to say this. I also think that the white male is becoming a minority. And so, I think that the Supreme Court’s decision on The University of Texas Vs. Fisher is an important case that needs a fast decision. It’s had me concerned, too, since I am waiting on an acceptance from colleges in the upcoming fall semester. I want to know if UT Austin was really out of line in their admissions, or not.vote

Yet, the Republican led Senate is against confirming any high court nomination. By the Senate not recognizing Obama’s right to be able to nominate a ninth Supreme Court Justice, since Scalia’s abrupt death, this delays everything. Things need to change. There are many important cases involving abortion rights, voting rights and this affirmative action case (that I personally care about) and they are now all going to be long delayed or sent to lower courts to make a decision ( how scary, I’ve dealt with Texas courts, and trust me, they are lacking).

This boils down to a bureaucratic power struggle between our political parties, and the Senate’s reasoning is because it’s an election year. So what! Obama is more than qualified to make a nomination, so let him, and recognize it! ┬áThis is what fires me up and makes me angry about America’s government and court system. It’s also what makes me hate political parties.


One thought on “Why I think Obama should be able to nominate a new Supreme Court Justice now.

  1. Yes, Molly and it sets a bad precedent for the future. Republicans can’t argue for strict construction of constituition and then deny the President and the majority of the American people who voted for him one of the rights of his office. A presidential term is four years not three.

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