Are you at home caring for your children alone and isolated from the world?

Are you cooking and making clothes for the needy American Children

The children that ask, “will you read me a story, mommy?”

Mother, oh mother, you respond, “Mommy is too tired to read you a story now.”

Oh, mothers are you tired? You are tired of being alone and isolated in your power

Mommy, do you not feel good?

Because mommy is out working as a waitress and a stripper, selling her body and soul at night.

Serving the children their soup and bread, and meeting their needs in more than one way.

Mommy is wearing a hooters girl outfit, and bringing the grown men their wings. They stare at her ass as she walks back to the bar.

Mothers, oh, mothers, are your children watching you? Or did you drop them off in daycare so you can pay your bills and get your nails done?

Oh, mothers do you realize you already have the most power, you are the most drained and tired but you are the most needed.

Oh, mothers the American Children aren’t expecting their fathers to play football and tie their shoes.

The children ask, “Mommy can I have something to eat?” Mommy says, “You’ve already had something to eat child.”

The American Children say, “Yes, but I am still hungry.”

Mothers, oh, you mothers, have you had enough? You’ve had enough of the questions and the demands and the expectations of you. It all rests on your shoulders. Is the burden too much, now? Can you continue to do this all alone?

Oh, you American children, why don’t you ask your fathers now?

But where are you fathers?

Oh mothers, just remember it is the hand that rocks the cradle that has the most influence.


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