Rush of Passion: A Total Renewal of Spirit

imagesI woke up feeling excited this morning. It’s the familiar rush of passion similar to that of a caffeine rush. The last few months, I was so drowned in doing things that I hate, I forgot what I love, and was not able to do because of time and energy being spent in ways that I could not control. This morning I have a total renewal of spirit and creative energy. I remember what I love and what I am passionate for, writing.

With the school year now finished, I was worried that I might be in the wrong career field and Major. Low and behold I am not. I feel that what I have learned is you must do what you love. If you are constantly stressed and panicked, your body is telling you something. I can honestly say that I get excited to write and read English Literature. Not everyone will understand the rush and anticipation one can have sitting down at the keyboard. It’s the communication and the words that seem to flow just so, and its a beautiful thing!

I’ve decided to keep my Major, and study English with a single field teacher certification in English language arts and reading for grades 7-12 at Texas State this fall. Others have told me I am a nut, but I’m saying right now, I don’t care what you think, I am going to do what is best for me. I told a few people my plans for career and have been completely shitted on, and I am tired of the naysayers. I would like to continue on and get a Master’s degree or go to law school, I have been looking at St. Mary’s University school of Law in San Antonio. We shall see, I feel a renewed sense of purpose this morning and total lack of give a fuck for what anyone thinks of my decision. You either get it or you don’t, I love you anyway, and I hope you will love me anyway.