What is Magic?

Magic is found in the knowing, appreciation, and allowing of what is, and then yielding your wand to the power of the Universe.

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What is Magic?

                                        Magic comes from the Magicianmagic 2

If you’ve ever wondered where magic comes from, the answer is simple. It comes from the Magician within you. Becoming one with the universe allows for you to tap into the knowing that can create miracles in your life as well as others. You can call it God, Energy or what have you. What it is; is the ability to have what to others seems impossible. For instance, creating something from garbage or the total rags to riches story–making things materialize that otherwise did not exist in the world around you. The possibilities are endless and the magic is endless. It all stems from knowing what you want, asking for it, being ready for it to happen, the magic is just watching it all unfold before you and the seamless reality that appears to the others around you.

So, what is magic?

Magic is the thing that you ask for that you didn’t think was possible. Magic is creation. Magic is in knowing. Magic is the manifestation. Magic is the appearance from out of thin air. Magic is the possibility. Magic is truth and knowledge. Magic is wisdom. Magic is beauty. Magic is fun. Magic is excitement. Magic is shock value. Magic is surprising. Magic is sparkles. Magic is awareness. Magic is something that seems unattainable to everyone else. Magic is not caring what anyone else thinks. Magic is in nature. Magic is the miracle. Magic is the life-saving in humanity. Magic is in healing. Magic is in childbirth. Magic is from God. Magic is from source energy. Magic is in the yielding of your wand. Magic is within you.magic

A Lost Sock

The sock was lost the night you slept over, but it was found this morning.

The one and only time you slept over was the Fourth of July. The sock was lost that next day, but it was the night before I fell in love with you. You gave me what I never knew I could have.

You rushed into my bedroom and kissed me with more passion than I have ever felt before.

It was meant to be lost the next morning, it was symbolic of how we were lost in eachother that weekend.

You looked for it and searched but it was no where to be found.

That white athletic anklet went to were all the missing socks go, or at least we thought.

You broke my heart last night, it was now the 27th of July. You told me we were on two seperate parallel paths.

I thought I would die then. It seems like pure heartache.

This morning I found your missing sock. I didnt realize it until I went to put it on, it looked like mine until I turned it inside out. It was too big for me. It ended up in the hamper, why?

I smiled and felt more heartache.

That sock was separated from its pair, just like me. I sent a  picture of it to you this morning.

You responded, “lol, You found it, what’s a punishment for a sock?”

I said, “I think the sock has been punished enough, it’s missing its pair.”

Then I said, “I love you, and I don’t want you to go.”

You responded, ” keep it, or throw it away, we will still talk.”

The sock to your pair was found today. I think I will just keep it and you in my heart.




5 reasons to love UT Austin that you didn’t even know.

Today the family and I went and visited the University of Texas at Austin and walked around and took some pictures. I will be studying English there this fall, and wanted to give my mom and kids a view and experience of the beautiful campus. In the process of having fun and fulfilling our mission of it, I found 5 reasons to love UT Austin that I didn’t even know about. Scroll to the bottom to see all of our pictures from the adventure today!

My Favorite Plant, The Bird of Paradise.

The People of UT Austin

the people at the campus itself are quite extraordinary, fun to watch, and some of the nicest you will ever meet. Upon arriving and finding a parking spot off of University and Dean Keaton, the family and I walked towards the tower, our first destination. As we were walking, we were stopped by a man in a sweat soaked pink dress shirt, expensive loafers, and a golf hat, he told us he was a reporter and was writing a story about the Anniversary of the Tower shootings, the new carry law that is going into effect, and the memorial that is being built to honor the victims from the sniper shooting at the tower back in the 60’s. The man, he will remain anonymous gave us a little info about himself. He and I had a lot in common, and he in fact was also an English major at UT from the 70’s that also struggled with mathematics. The “dude” was cool, and I am using the word dude, because he was using it too.

On the way to our visit of the tower, we saw a turtle pond. The kids and I loved it!

The turtle pond, the turtle pond was awesome.

The Turtle Pond

















The Tower

When we got to the tower, we visited the restroom where we met more nice ladies who ooohed and awwwed over my red-headed child. When we walked into the lobby to figure out the Tower tours, we met some nice employees who told us that they weren’t doing tours during the day right now but to visit the student Union center. Again, the people of UT Austin showed they are super awesome and helpful positive people.

The Student Union

We visited the Student Union center and picked up a brochure and talked to the employee who informed us that the day tours will start back in August and that tickets cost six dollars a person. I hope to take the kids back soon!

After all the walking around in the hot sun we stopped at Chik Fil A for some lunch and ate in the nice cafeteria in the Union.

Yummy Lemonade

The buildings, architecture and art on campus

Robert Lee, Colonel of the US Army

Robert Lee Statue













Littlefield Fountain, by Pompeo Coppini0728161106a

A memorial fountain for students and alumni that passed in WWI in 1931 by Major George W. Littlefield. A plaque underneath states,

“A short life hath been given by Nature unto man, but the remembrance of a life laid down in a good cause endureth forever.


Personal Motion Forward

I want a day like today everyday. Today was full of feelings so strong that I know I can never go back to feeling like a numb vegetable.

Today I woke up with the most JOY I have ever experienced before.

I woke up knowing why we are here. I woke up knowing why I am here

I woke up and took in the awe and wonder of the creation around me.

I reveled at it and listened to a beautiful piece of music.

I reveled at it and I cried tears of joy for the first time in my life

I reveled at it and I stood in wonder as I watched a hummingbird flutter at the bird of paradise in my yard.


That bird of paradise is my favorite plant in my yard, it is orange and glorious.

I looked up at my beautiful pink crate myrtle tree and I knew that the world couldn’t get anymore vivid in color.

Food tasted more wonderful than it has ever tasted before. Chips and Salsa, Pickles and Raisin Toast for breakfast, with the best butter I could ever ask for.

Then the joy dissipated. I felt rejection to the core and loss of love. I felt extreme sadness and pain. I felt like I could die and it would be okay with me. I felt that I would never feel love again. I came down to the lowest vibration that I used to feel on a regular basis in my depression. I didn’t want it to last long, because I want to be a deliberate creator. But I had to revel in it for a moment, I had to feel the pain to realize that in it, and because of it, I was reminded of the joy once again that I had experienced earlier today.

I want another day like today. I want to experience these emotions again and again.

I want the love and joy, even if it comes with agony, pain, and heartache.

I want the personal motion forward, I want to taste food like I’ve never tasted before. I want to look at the creation in all its beauty, and I want to revel in joy every day of my life.


Trust, it’s been here all along

Trust, it’s something I gave up on a long time ago. I can’t remember the last time I experienced the feeling of knowing and let go of fear and worry. I think I may have felt trust as a child, I remember when I was three and I had trust in my parents and their love for me. Whenever I would get hurt, I could go to my mom and I knew that she would be there for me to fix me up and love me.

But somewhere along the way, I lost it, trust. Trust isn’t something anyone can give you, not even your own parents.

Trust– it seems like such a complicated concept, but it’s not, we humans make it complicated. It’s always been there for us. We were born trusting our instincts and knew that we could survive because of these traits we were programmed with. I let myself lose the ability to trust in relationships and people. I lost faith in good things happening for me. I lost trust when I started to worry all the time that things would be lost forever or that I would ruin something. I lost trust in life, and I lost trust in God. I lost trust and instead replaced it with worry about everything. I lost trust and replaced it with stress and doubt.

Trust is something that has come back to me recently. I think it happened unexpectedly, because I can’t say for sure the process of how I got it back. I can describe how it feels, though.

It feels like youth and less worry lines on my face. It feels like anti-aging cream. It feels like smiling more. It feels like acceptance for what is. It feels like knowing. It feels like I am loved. It feels like being happy more. It feels like gratitude. It feels like I can do no wrong. It feels like I can’t get life wrong. It feels like excitement. It feels like joy. It feels like knowing what to do and having the right timing, every time. It feels like letting go. It feels like falling in love. It feels like joy. It feels like taking my life back. It feels like the opposite of not trusting. It feels like I found it in the contrast of not trusting and starting to allow. It feels like I found it, when I gave up on stress and started to enjoy my life.

Yeah, that is how I found it again. And, boy, I’m so grateful it’s here. It’s funny, trust was here all along.

Clarity, it’s getting real

I’ve figured it out, there is nothing to figure out! Once I got out of my own way and allowed for things to show up, it finally clicked into place for me. The Universe does provide, once you let go of doubt, self-defeatism, and inner criticism. And, what you ask for, there is always an answer or solution. Once you get clear on what you want, it starts to come to you. Everyone has heard the saying, “be careful what you wish for.” It is true, and I have finally realized just how true it is. I’ve had such a shift in my thinking recently, that it is almost scary at how fast the transformations have happened. I haven’t figured myself out recently, I’ve always known myself, and have just started to allow for the first time in my life.

It’s almost as if I was blocking source energy and divine guidance from flowing through me. I have always known my abilities and what I was good at. I have always known that I am beautiful and loving and deserve good things. But, I doubted myself and my abilities, I was criticizing myself and allowing myself to feel pain and taking others opinions too personally. I’ve let go of it recently and gotten out of the way of myself, I’ve decided to let source energy to flow through me in a way that it’s just accepting more of who I really am, and what I really want out of this life. I have found my happiness and love and strength in the knowing that I can create my own reality. I am in charge of myself and my mind, and whoa, it is an extremely empowering feeling.

The law of attraction has been a main focus recently. Once I started to practice it, it has started to become easier and easier to allow for the flow of things to happen naturally according to this law. I have watched numerous videos about it, including, The Secret, and listened to as many YouTube videos with metaphysical teachers like Abraham Hicks and Wayne Dyer. I enjoy reading blogs like, Purpose Fairy and loved her first famous article, “15 Things You Need To Give Up to Be Happy.” It’s like I am continuing what these people have started and getting to write about my experience with law of attraction is going to help others with it too. I genuinely care for humanity, and want there to be endless love in this world. As I have worked very hard to figure myself out, I realized I didn’t need to figure myself out, I already knew. I have always cared about others in the world, I have always loved humankind. I want to be a leader in my chosen field of discovery. I want to be a speaker and a lecturer at seminars, colleges, and universities. I want to be a visionary and a dreamer. I want to love and accept myself. I want to love and accept others. I want to make laws and be a part of the government. I am a good person. I am loved. I will love. It’s what I want to do.

I’ve figured out, or really, come to the realization that, everything that we have been taught by the masters is true. All the wisdom and sayings from our ancestors and spiritual teachers is true. “Lead by example,” and you will come into your power and strength. Allow it to happen for you. Get out of your own way. You are the best teacher by showing others how effective you can be in your own life. What you are doing is the premise for others to start living that way. You cannot control anything or anyone but yourself, but you are a massive influence on those around you. Step up and step into your power by being and doing the best you can and living with the most passion possible.

Get clear on your intention

This is so important, because what is asked for is given unto you. You say to yourself, “I want this job.” You will get this job if you get out of your own way. You say to yourself, “I love this person.” You will love this person! I know now that love is a choice! You get to choose that person, they don’t happen to you. They aren’t your only option. Love is a choice, wanting is a choice, working is a choice. Having that job is a choice. If you want it, take the steps toward it and allow it to happen to you. The right people, the right things and the right situations will come into alignment and allow it to flow for you. Going with the current of life– is this right here–asking and allowing. Praying and allowing. Not forcing, not going against the current, not going up river and working harder not smarter. Allow for God, Divine Guidance, Spirit, The Universe, whatever it is you believe, to do the work for you! Don’t you know that God wants good things for you? Do you think that God wants to see you fail? No. God wants to help you. Spirit and Source energy are all over it! They’ve got your back if you would just allow and stop trying to control everything and your outcomes.

Let things happen in this way. So if you are clear that you want to get married that you want a husband and have been praying for it, don’t freak out when he shows up next week with a ring and a proposal.