A Quick Analysis of an Online College Course; based on my personal experience. Should you take an Online College Class? Or try earning a degree solely online? My personal opinion and quick answer NO. But, ultimately, it depends on the individual.

I will give you a quick background on myself. I didn’t do that great in High School and I mean, socially and emotionally, My GPA was average and I went to three different schools before finally obtaining a diploma from an Online High School in the Phoenix area. Online High school left a lot to be desired, but at the time I was thankful to have something I could do whenever I wanted, and I worked a part-time job and was able to finish classes at my speed and graduated a few months early. However, I lost basic social skills with teachers and students, my learning style suffered, and I didn’t take some of the classes that I really should have and didn’t even know about because I had a lack luster adviser at the first High School I went to, Saguaro, and then didn’t have one at all online. I blindly graduated.

College Online courses suck in my opinion. And they usually have crappy, unorganized profs (not all, but most I’d say). Don’t do Online unless you have a horrible schedule, can’t find another solution or basically you have no other options for a class. I get it, trying to meet degree requirements quickly can suck, and finding an adequate schedule can become nearly impossible at times. I really regret taking an online course because I see it as a lost learning opportunity. Unless you’re like the most unsocial being on the planet, and like teaching yourself practically everything, they’re horrific. You’re paying for college, get the most from your money and take a class at a good school that has great profs and students. The experience is worth it and you will be happier for it!

Let me break it down for you:

The prof basically does nothing, and will post occasionally with instructions on how to do things, what to read, and then will leave you guessing on everything else. To me, it seems like a cop out and lazy teaching.

There is no lecture, and discussion is based solely on forums. This is what our world has turned to? I enjoy professor interaction and group learning as well as studying with peers—this is my favored learning style.

Where is the experience? Or hands on learning? There is none.

This is the most introverted style of learning ever created.

You have no motivation to go to class; you wear your pajamas, may or may not shower or put on make- up. There is no excitement or anticipation, and you can wake up, log on and post a comment here and there on the discussion board. Some classes even require email interaction with the prof and for the student to go to a testing center. I don’t see why this is considered an online class then.

You may have a ridiculous and overwhelming amount of work in an online college class, unlike a normal campus course. Think about it, you will read everything for yourself, retain it, study it, and then apply it to assignments and tests. Alone. You have no help. I am one that likes to have my hand held at times! Call me co-dependent, but why not take advantage of your peers in these classes? I like it and have developed some excellent friendships in college just from studying together!

Just think about it before you decide to enroll in a college course. It’s not for everyone. And, seriously, consider the subject you take before you jump in. If it’s a math course and you’re not a math-brained person, it is very difficult to stay motivated and do well.

Good luck in college and your pursuits and I hope that this article was helpful to you!


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