I wanted to write a quick testimony to how I used the principles from the movie, “The Secret” in achieving something that seemed near impossible. Today, I received a notification from the UT Child development center, saying that they had an opening for my son, Patrick. You have no idea how excited and shocked I have been recently. This is very good for our family, and I can’t wait to start the school year now.

This is something that seemed near impossible to others in my family as well as myself, but with some changes in perception, the visualization and vibration that is taught in “The Secret”, I believe it was possible and achieved through these techniques. My mother even told me when I said that I was going to put Patrick on the waiting list that I was wasting my money, and why did I do it, because it was so unlikely for him to get in.

Back at the end of June, I was budgeting and didn’t have any real expendable money, it was $30 to put Patrick on the 1-2 year waiting list with the UT daycare center. But, I really wanted this for Pat, it is a good program, and the cost of the program in based on household income level. It was very difficult from what I understand to get into, because of this high demand and limited space, and is even tiered based on need and whether or not you’re a full-time student or faculty at UT. The requirements and non-refundable fee would deter most, I assume. However, I felt that I should apply lessons learned from the movie, “The Secret” to see if this was something I could achieve and make happen.

Firstly, I took the steps in “The Secret,” by thinking positively. This is something that some people take for granted, and I had already experienced some negativity. Nevertheless, I thought positively anyway, and that was crucial. It could happen and there was a chance he would get in! Secondly, I took the steps that “The Secret” said to do, I paid the $30 fee not knowing if it would be worth it or a loss. Then I waited and started to visualize the outcome of Patrick going to school with me and riding the bus downtown in the upcoming school year. Lastly, I felt the vibration, what it looked like, the vibration is the feeling and energy that the vision gives you, it was all good vibes. These steps are all explained in the book and the movie the Secret.

This all culminated in me achieving something I wanted for our family, and though it may seem impossible, know that it isn’t. It boils down to changing your thinking, visualizing the outcome and taking the steps in the direction that you want to go in. What do you really want? If you can see it, feel it, and aren’t afraid to try something. It is possible!

Get Your Horns UP!



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