Negativity is everywhere, in things and people in particular. This is something I have come to realize more and more as I have shifted my thinking to positivism and been dragged more into self discovery and spiritual gurus that preach laws of nature and being in the vibration. Still, you may wonder how to deal with people that you want to punch in the throat.

There are a lot of baby assholes out there that deserve a swift punch and maybe, just maybe, a slap in the face. Overall, there is a lot of negativity, and it stems from the momentum of overall shitty thinking, faulty belief systems, and the momentum continues on in a swift spiral downward.

You may wonder, “how do I stay in the flow of personal happiness, good vibes, and generally positive people with all this nastiness in the world around me?” Just know, that it becomes more possible with practice of a few simple steps.

Step 1: recognize your part in it. What I mean is, usually you are attracting to yourself some shitty things and scenarios without even realizing it, maybe. Perhaps you started out your morning by stubbing your toe, and your toothpaste has run out. Yuck, that is irritating and makes you wonder what you did to deserve this! The day gets worse, and maybe you pick up some crappy vibes from a teacher, spouse, or co-worker. Their negativity and thoughts pass off on you and you don’t block it from happening. What they are feeling and thinking for instance could be more shitty, negative thoughts, which leads you to believe it, and the cycle continues.

I advice to take a step back at this point and realize your part in it. You have the power to shift your thought process back to positive and this will often change your outcomes. Practice your intention and visualize a good, traffic free route to work for instance.

Step 2: Exhaustion breeds more problems. How do you deal with others and things when you are freaking exhausted all the time? If you want to be happy, and stay in a happy place you can do this by using some self care tips to prevent bad situations. For instance, take a 15 min nap in the afternoon, get off your cell phone for a minute and maybe listen to some Mozart, and just bask in the sun after sitting in your office for 5 hours working on a project.

Step 3: Start practicing love for yourself and others, shift your focus to love for yourself and others. This helps start the process and flow of positive thoughts. When all you can think is crap, crap, crap, more crap will show up. Start thinking about your favorite things, and maybe a gratitude list of 10 things that make you happy. But overall, practice some compassion and acceptance for others!

Step 4: Know that many people will just be assholes and extremely negative. Maybe consider not spending as much time with these people if you can, distance yourself from them and do it in a compassionate and friendly way. They will generally respond better to kindness instead of nasty comments about how they annoy you all the time. Usually the people that are the nastiest and meanest are those that need the most support, kind words and affection. Try not to judge them because you never know what people could be dealing with in their home life. For instance, maybe they just got in a fight with their spouse, or had a child upchuck all over their shirt. Or it could be far worse. And always remember, looks can be very deceiving, just because someone appears to have it all figured out, or has a great job, home life, or sex appeal, does not necessarily mean they are happier or better off than you. They are most likely dealing with negativity, and problems that you don’t even want to know.

I’ve really enjoyed listening to some of Abraham Hicks’ Rampage sessions on YouTube, I would definitely recommend that you check these out to get into a better frame of thinking. Before you know it, you will be drawing amazing things and people into your life– that don’t want to make you punch them in the throat.



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