I want to write something that I have personally transformed recently, severe doubt. It’s strange because I wasn’t even aware that I was doing it as I was doing it. I was not present in my body and letting wild horses run in my mind. I want to give you an example of something good and something bad that has happened to me in the past year, because I want you to see it by my experience and what I was doing, and how to start creating and getting what you want.

It all seems very simple to me now. What you think good or bad really does create your reality, but what I didn’t realize is that there are actually beliefs that you think or know to be true that can also hinder you getting what you want, and creating it into your reality.

First I will tell you a bad story of something that happened to me in April of this year. I fell victim to my doubts and feelings of negativity. I sabotaged myself, by thinking that it was near impossible to achieve the thing that I thought I really wanted, which was to go to a school in Massachusetts. But I think what solidified it for me was that I continued to doubt myself, and then surrounded myself with people that I had told who also had no belief that it could happen. Sometimes it is better to not say anything to those around you. The belief in doubting, the acceptance, and then seeing the disappointment come about was a downer. I had given up that it was a possibility before I had gotten the denial to the school by letting go of the dream, because of the odds, and other factors, and then finally the inspiration and the outcome for a start at the school. The lesson learned from this was, once you stop letting yourself want something, it probably isn’t going to happen for you. The universe provides what you ask for, if you trust that it will.

Many people want certain things in life. Most, I would say, want Money, Love, Success– a Good Paying or Prestigious Job, or maybe Fame and Recognition. What it comes down to is allowing it to happen and not putting conditions on the outcome of your dream. I’ve learned along the way that you cannot change anyone else, or have control over anything or anyone, except yourself, and especially your own mind.

Now, I will tell you that there are a lot of limiting beliefs out there. I feel like I am overcoming them more and more though. I don’t feel that I have ever had problems with money. It’s weird, I wouldn’t say that I’ve ever had a driving force to make a lot of money or a fear of it but it was actually there, the belief was ingrained for me. However, you need prosperity and a flow of abundance, and most cases it is money in order to live. But I would say that I have had certain limiting belief systems surrounding money and a false thinking that the only way to getting rich, or a lot of money was through hard work. I’ve also heard the thinking, work smarter not harder and maybe thought it was a load of poo poo.

This turns to my story about something good that I have been wanting for myself and my family recently. I got really clear about this something and specifically asked God and the Universe to provide it for me. It turns out that it didn’t take that long, once I got out of the way and let go of the fear and false belief about money– that I didn’t even realize I was doing until I saw a written text that I was writing to a friend. So the daycare thing manifested on Monday for me, but didn’t materialize until today. I actually got the offer for the space for Patrick last week, but then I stepped back and needed time to think about it once I figured out the cost Monday. But I knew that I needed to let the universe take care of it for me because it didn’t feel right. It should be smooth and easy. So what happened in the span of two days was this;  Really, nothing happened, except a change in my mental thinking and my ingrained false belief about money.

The universe was providing me with the care that I had asked for, a wonderful lively learning environment for my son, and even more, it wasn’t that outrageous in price. Once I let go of the fear of the cost and how I was going to come up with the money every month, I opened my self up to the momentum and it moved forward quickly. I felt a calm come over me, that God was providing for me and the kids, that this offer wouldn’t have been given to me if it wasn’t the right thing and that the money or help would come in another way to be able to cover the cost. Within two hours of giving up the idea and fear, I got an email from the Director, asking me if I had reached a decision about Pat starting at the daycare. I then knew, and immediately responded, yes, I am going to enroll him and commit to the spot this fall. It was what I had wanted all along and it felt good to send that email back to her.

You can do this for anything in your life. Focus on what you want, and get clear about it. It can show up in many ways, and the Universe will never give you anything that you ask for that is anything less than that expectation. Get out of your own way and allow, believe it can happen, and if it’s what you really want, and you are in perfect alignment and timing, it’s all happening for you!!


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