I’ve figured it out, there is nothing to figure out! Once I got out of my own way and allowed for things to show up, it finally clicked into place for me. The Universe does provide, once you let go of doubt, self-defeatism, and inner criticism. And, what you ask for, there is always an answer or solution. Once you get clear on what you want, it starts to come to you. Everyone has heard the saying, “be careful what you wish for.” It is true, and I have finally realized just how true it is. I’ve had such a shift in my thinking recently, that it is almost scary at how fast the transformations have happened. I haven’t figured myself out recently, I’ve always known myself, and have just started to allow for the first time in my life.

It’s almost as if I was blocking source energy and divine guidance from flowing through me. I have always known my abilities and what I was good at. I have always known that I am beautiful and loving and deserve good things. But, I doubted myself and my abilities, I was criticizing myself and allowing myself to feel pain and taking others opinions too personally. I’ve let go of it recently and gotten out of the way of myself, I’ve decided to let source energy to flow through me in a way that it’s just accepting more of who I really am, and what I really want out of this life. I have found my happiness and love and strength in the knowing that I can create my own reality. I am in charge of myself and my mind, and whoa, it is an extremely empowering feeling.

The law of attraction has been a main focus recently. Once I started to practice it, it has started to become easier and easier to allow for the flow of things to happen naturally according to this law. I have watched numerous videos about it, including, The Secret, and listened to as many YouTube videos with metaphysical teachers like Abraham Hicks and Wayne Dyer. I enjoy reading blogs like, Purpose Fairy and loved her first famous article, “15 Things You Need To Give Up to Be Happy.” It’s like I am continuing what these people have started and getting to write about my experience with law of attraction is going to help others with it too. I genuinely care for humanity, and want there to be endless love in this world. As I have worked very hard to figure myself out, I realized I didn’t need to figure myself out, I already knew. I have always cared about others in the world, I have always loved humankind. I want to be a leader in my chosen field of discovery. I want to be a speaker and a lecturer at seminars, colleges, and universities. I want to be a visionary and a dreamer. I want to love and accept myself. I want to love and accept others. I want to make laws and be a part of the government. I am a good person. I am loved. I will love. It’s what I want to do.

I’ve figured out, or really, come to the realization that, everything that we have been taught by the masters is true. All the wisdom and sayings from our ancestors and spiritual teachers is true. “Lead by example,” and you will come into your power and strength. Allow it to happen for you. Get out of your own way. You are the best teacher by showing others how effective you can be in your own life. What you are doing is the premise for others to start living that way. You cannot control anything or anyone but yourself, but you are a massive influence on those around you. Step up and step into your power by being and doing the best you can and living with the most passion possible.

Get clear on your intention

This is so important, because what is asked for is given unto you. You say to yourself, “I want this job.” You will get this job if you get out of your own way. You say to yourself, “I love this person.” You will love this person! I know now that love is a choice! You get to choose that person, they don’t happen to you. They aren’t your only option. Love is a choice, wanting is a choice, working is a choice. Having that job is a choice. If you want it, take the steps toward it and allow it to happen to you. The right people, the right things and the right situations will come into alignment and allow it to flow for you. Going with the current of life– is this right here–asking and allowing. Praying and allowing. Not forcing, not going against the current, not going up river and working harder not smarter. Allow for God, Divine Guidance, Spirit, The Universe, whatever it is you believe, to do the work for you! Don’t you know that God wants good things for you? Do you think that God wants to see you fail? No. God wants to help you. Spirit and Source energy are all over it! They’ve got your back if you would just allow and stop trying to control everything and your outcomes.

Let things happen in this way. So if you are clear that you want to get married that you want a husband and have been praying for it, don’t freak out when he shows up next week with a ring and a proposal.


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