Today the family and I went and visited the University of Texas at Austin and walked around and took some pictures. I will be studying English there this fall, and wanted to give my mom and kids a view and experience of the beautiful campus. In the process of having fun and fulfilling our mission of it, I found 5 reasons to love UT Austin that I didn’t even know about. Scroll to the bottom to see all of our pictures from the adventure today!

My Favorite Plant, The Bird of Paradise.

The People of UT Austin

the people at the campus itself are quite extraordinary, fun to watch, and some of the nicest you will ever meet. Upon arriving and finding a parking spot off of University and Dean Keaton, the family and I walked towards the tower, our first destination. As we were walking, we were stopped by a man in a sweat soaked pink dress shirt, expensive loafers, and a golf hat, he told us he was a reporter and was writing a story about the Anniversary of the Tower shootings, the new carry law that is going into effect, and the memorial that is being built to honor the victims from the sniper shooting at the tower back in the 60’s. The man, he will remain anonymous gave us a little info about himself. He and I had a lot in common, and he in fact was also an English major at UT from the 70’s that also struggled with mathematics. The “dude” was cool, and I am using the word dude, because he was using it too.

On the way to our visit of the tower, we saw a turtle pond. The kids and I loved it!

The turtle pond, the turtle pond was awesome.

The Turtle Pond

















The Tower

When we got to the tower, we visited the restroom where we met more nice ladies who ooohed and awwwed over my red-headed child. When we walked into the lobby to figure out the Tower tours, we met some nice employees who told us that they weren’t doing tours during the day right now but to visit the student Union center. Again, the people of UT Austin showed they are super awesome and helpful positive people.

The Student Union

We visited the Student Union center and picked up a brochure and talked to the employee who informed us that the day tours will start back in August and that tickets cost six dollars a person. I hope to take the kids back soon!

After all the walking around in the hot sun we stopped at Chik Fil A for some lunch and ate in the nice cafeteria in the Union.

Yummy Lemonade

The buildings, architecture and art on campus

Robert Lee, Colonel of the US Army

Robert Lee Statue













Littlefield Fountain, by Pompeo Coppini0728161106a

A memorial fountain for students and alumni that passed in WWI in 1931 by Major George W. Littlefield. A plaque underneath states,

“A short life hath been given by Nature unto man, but the remembrance of a life laid down in a good cause endureth forever.



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