Magic comes from the Magicianmagic 2

If you’ve ever wondered where magic comes from, the answer is simple. It comes from the Magician within you. Becoming one with the universe allows for you to tap into the knowing that can create miracles in your life as well as others. You can call it God, Energy or what have you. What it is; is the ability to have what to others seems impossible. For instance, creating something from garbage or the total rags to riches story–making things materialize that otherwise did not exist in the world around you. The possibilities are endless and the magic is endless. It all stems from knowing what you want, asking for it, being ready for it to happen, the magic is just watching it all unfold before you and the seamless reality that appears to the others around you.

So, what is magic?

Magic is the thing that you ask for that you didn’t think was possible. Magic is creation. Magic is in knowing. Magic is the manifestation. Magic is the appearance from out of thin air. Magic is the possibility. Magic is truth and knowledge. Magic is wisdom. Magic is beauty. Magic is fun. Magic is excitement. Magic is shock value. Magic is surprising. Magic is sparkles. Magic is awareness. Magic is something that seems unattainable to everyone else. Magic is not caring what anyone else thinks. Magic is in nature. Magic is the miracle. Magic is the life-saving in humanity. Magic is in healing. Magic is in childbirth. Magic is from God. Magic is from source energy. Magic is in the yielding of your wand. Magic is within you.magic


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