Love. I understand romantic love for the first time in my life. Whatever I thought I knew before didn’t even scratch the surface.

I found it as I was tipping over into contrast. Or on the verge of losing something I thought was lost. But it wasn’t lost, love is just another emotion that’s always been there for me.

I realized these past few weeks what God has been giving me. The good emotions are only found in the bad. What you think is lost, cannot be lost. It’s always there for you, waiting for you to see it, feel it, live it. Once you start to live it, it happens more and more for you. Love, being loved, and giving love. It doesn’t stop. It is not lost, it’s just waiting for you to realize it’s there when you’re thinking it’s gone.

I realized tonight as I was listening to The Meet Joe Black Soundtrack theme song by Thomas Newman that I’m in love right now. I feel his love. I feel like I am love. I feel like your love is steadfast and unconditional. I feel like the love is never ending. I’m so thankful I’ve been experiencing this emotion, I’m just noticing it for the first time. Just realizing romantic love for the first time, too. It’s amazing, this love of mine. I can’t wait to share it with him. And..I’m just waiting on him now. He doesn’t even have to tell me, I just know. He is just being patient to say something and so am I. I know it’s him, because he is the one that opened my eyes to all these amazing feelings I’ve never felt before. He opened my eyes to this one amazing feeling.



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