The hole he was born with in his heart, came from me, but he came from us, I just thought I gave it to him.

His hole, VSD, was found on ultrasound the day he was born.

I think I transferred the hole that was in my broken and empty heart to him while he was still in the womb.

The anger and sadness I felt while pregnant, changed and manipulated a growing heart.

The heart and hole have changed through time.

What once was empty has now closed,

What once was sadness turned to joy.

You cried that day the Doctor told you of his hole she had found.

But the hole is gone now, not even a murmer remains in our son’s heart.

The hole in the heart changed with time.

The broken heart is now whole again.

The heart is always changing, twirling and mingling, shooting rockets of desire and wanting to be filled.

It combusts and breaks and is empty for a while, the holes come with anger and sadness and spin away with depth of emotion and love.

The heart is ever changing.

The holes in our hearts change with time.


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