These days there is a plethora of dating advice out there. Most of it is just nonsense and people guessing at how to get the guy or girl of your dreams. I have dated a lot and, really, can still say that I have no idea how the male brain works, and barely understand why I am still attracted to men after my experiences in dating. LMAO to myself as I write this.

Guys think differently, it is obvious. Most just want to have sex with you. I advise holding out on them as long as possible, but to each their own. I’m sure you will figure this out as you go along.

Getting a guy to commit can be tricky, most women I know have a hard time just getting a boyfriend, or an engagement, and lasting or “successful marriage” is also something that is becoming something people would consider rare.

The more you try, the more they pull away.

The more you want, the less they want.

So, how do you get a guy to commit to you? They have to want it ultimately. Scarcity is a real thing. And any good woman will tell you that you have to be willing to let them go if they don’t want to commit to a relationship with you. The right guy will come along that wants the same things as you. There will be those that realize this after the breakup, but even if they don’t, they will down the road when they are lying in their bed alone at night wondering “why, why, why, I didn’t ask her to be my girlfriend, fiance, wife.”

The guy that wants to continue on alone will. The guy that wants to get married will. The guy that wants a girlfriend, will have a girlfriend. It’s all in the vibe, put out the vibe of love, and finding the right person that is “turning” according to the Annie Lennox song, “Dont let it bring you down.”

Ultimately, I have come to realize this, that love is a choice and that you have to let go of any control of the outcome or expectation for what could be.

Good luck to you women out there searching for the heterosexual man of your dreams.


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