Today I found the love that I was in search for. I wanted to give my love to someone or people that needed it, and I did. Today I found the love in the World that I was looking for.

The kids and I were planning on finding dinosaur bones when we awoke this morning. We planned on going to the dinosaur dig park in Austin, but when I inserted it in the GPS and discovered that it was closed on Monday.


So, I changed plans and thought we would head over to Rabb Park in Round Rock so that the kids could dig in the sandbox there. But, Spirit had another plan for us today. On our route to Round Rock we passed a sign on 620 near the downtown center that said, “DETOUR.” “How strange,” I thought to myself, for it seemed coincidental, our plans to dig for dinosaur bones had already been detoured. But this was not the detour (To Rabb) that God intended for the kids and I. In fact, we were redirected to the Round Rock Memorial Park, just past the Round Rock donuts, the one with the actual “ROUND ROCK.”

At first sight, I saw the park that had a shaded playscape and a beautiful river with trees and cabins across the lake. So, I knew we must at least stop, I pulled into the parking lot and parked. I didn’t even know this was where the Round Rock was, or the park just by it, I had never been here in the eight years of living in the Austin area.

We are glad we stopped, and we met some very happy and beautiful cranes, swans and ducks in the river.

Secondly, we met a nice family of blondes on the playscape. I kindly asked the mom to take a picture of the kids and I, which she did. We chatted and played a bit and went on our way down the path.

Down the path and finding love.20160808_095037

It was here I met what I was looking for, as I walked down the path before we got to the bridge, I met a woman, and her two grand-daughters, she was letting them play on the underpass, and they were loving it. My kids, Abby, and Pat, decided to join and they loved getting to slide down the cold cement on their bums. 20160808_095530


As the woman and I watched the kids enjoying themselves we started up a conversation. We had a lot in common. She had lived in Round Rock for three years, and I found out that she was undergoing Chemotherapy. This was her second battle with Cancer. I never would have known had she not told me, she was a beautiful, youthful and loving Grandma. She was someone that was happy and excited about life and enjoying the morning with her grand kids.20160808_103939

We had a lot in common in this, we shared our stories together and we both had belief in God and his glory, the most common things we agreed upon was that we were given this life to live it and enjoy everything that was provided for us. That we could choose to be happy no matter what! I encouraged her to write about her story and follow whatever her passions may be. She seemed interested in blogging and I hope to share my blog and help or advice with her in the future. I can’t wait to share my love with her and others that want it!

Today I found the love I was looking for, today I found the love in the World that I was looking for.


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