The past two days I have been working on a project for my new baby nephew. My sister-in-law is due in May and loves Elephants and I wanted to give her and my brother something special for my nephew’s nursery. This is my painting process and some steps of how I painted a scene from Horton Hears a Who.

First I googled and Pinterest searched “Dr Seuss characters and paintings.”

I looked at Google images and then I practiced pencil drawing some of Dr. Seuss’ characters from tutorial sites, like This site was wonderful and shows you ways to practice drawing with simple steps. I practiced a few times until I got the drawings right. Then I eyed proportions and blew up the photo in my mind, Haha I know!

Next I was able to eye out a scene from the Dr. Seuss Book “The Song of the Zubble wump” By the way this is such a cute book! It was a Horton Dr. Seuss story and had wonderful backdrop scenes that I pulled inspiration from.

Under google images I searched for some unique Dr. Seuss quotes besides the common, “A person’s a person no matter how small.” I liked the Faithful Elephant quote. I also found a picture of Mayor Ned McDodd and Jo Jo and sketched them in on top of the truffula trees.

With a lot of patience and time, I traced out the Horton characters and then detail outlined in black acrylic paint. I recommend sealing the painting with a matte finish spray when you’ve finished. This was truly a fun and wonderful project that I enjoyed.

Lastly, and to sum it up, my major tip is to Google character images and find inspiration from the Dr. Seuss book you love and want to bring to life. Good luck on your art projects!


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