My Future Husband

My hands are small and fit into yours perfectly.

Before I ever saw you I knew that you would be something special and different.

I knew you from a space and time prior to this present reality

That we would just know.

Many times I have been deceived on my journey into thinking he was you, but I have waited,

Anticipation for your touch,

You have already taught me patience, and lessons like no other could.

You are that significant, that it lets me know you are my future husband,

Last night I had the dream of you, it was so vivid and real, not only proposing like the one the week prior, but of you saying your vows to me and smiling in front of our friends and family.

Your presence has been unmatched to any before you, we are so psychically connected

And all its magic, my prayers have been answered.

Though I know you have been sick and wondering where I stand,

Yes I do, I want to take care of you, too.

©Molly Farr


Have hot sex again!

How to have hot sex again when you haven’t been having sex

My personal experience is, it’s a matter of changing your perspective and shifting the energy, especially if you’ve been with the same partner for a long period. From a woman’s viewpoint, I think we tend to get sucked into a thinking that can feel like self-doubt, disillusionment about our bodies for example. When you add the emotional roller coaster, we can experience a downward spiral to not having sex at all if we continue this thinking.

I like to listen to Abraham hicks, the way of thinking is so true, until you can get into the receptive mode for sex, it’s like you can’t shift into having hot sex.

I wanted to have sex again because I was very horny recently. However, my partner and I haven’t had sex for 6 months and I was starting to feel like maybe I needed to find another partner and look elsewhere. I am an attractive female and know that I could find someone else to meet my physical needs.

I had a conversation about this very topic with my partner this week. We made an agreement that we would keep each other informed about how were feeling. I told him that I was very unhappy and that I wasn’t getting my needs met. We talked about one of us moving out. I was very upset.

Something crazy happened this weekend. I started feeling good again about getting back out in the dating world and so I was starting to reach out on the internet and started sexting anonymously with a man through a site. It started the vibration up for me that I wanted to have sex, burning desire and passion was realigned in me. For some reason, I couldn’t help myself once it got going and I went and woke up my partner who was sleeping in the other room.

If we can start to allow ourselves to feel sexy again, even if it’s not in the most “conventionally” accepted ways of marriage and commitment, we can allow the sexual energies to flow through us, and we will be unstoppable in the bedroom.

This passion from the sexting of an anonymous person allowed me to get back into the thinking of hot sex, and in reality like Abraham hicks says, it doesn’t even matter who the person is that you are with, you are just using them to focus your energy, in this case, hot sexual passionate energy. I think sometimes we get hung up on the person we are with when it doesn’t really matter who it is, perhaps women do this even more than men because we think so differently. We can have hot sex with anyone, including the person we have been disallowing ourselves to have sex with whom we deeply care about.