I have had an interesting past few months to say the least. Most people probably don’t want to know all the fine details. Today was kind of a shitty day, however I watched the video by the Quietest Revolution on YouTube and it was on point with what is going on in my life as a Scorpio. You should check it out.

I think I am going to allow myself to fall in love again, especially after all of the heartache I have gone through in my life. In meeting and growing and learning that I have done and not done, in this I have found knowing of what I want and in a love relationship. We as women often are taken for granted, unappreciated, and feel resentful when we are not loved. It is a two way street for sure, but I am going to allow for the person I love to come into my life now and give me kisses and spontaneous hugs. I am ready to love and be loved again. I am going to turn around the two of fire, and take on the world again.

#Solar Eclipse 2017

#Scorpio in Love


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