REFRACTION AND Internal Combustion

Personal motion forward

Life in the fast lane

This antigravity is about to make me lose my mind.

They say delays mean to go within

Refraction of energy

Cold Fusion

Hot Lava

Be brave when you don’t know

But where is my Northern star? Where is my Alpha Centauri?

Where is my Ceres? My leader, my lover, my laser vision?

I need you, My Astronomer

You’re my brightest star

Lead me to your love, lead me with your love

Guide me, Guide me

Come back to me




A Betterfly Breakup

Oh, and you are the hottest start on the spectrum. Oh, and falling away from the diagram.

Fierce mind, reminiscence. A time long ago, when the world was blind and numb.

You wear your beautiful hand painted pin-striped shirt with butterflies.

And it all just came to me at once, sitting here thinking.. Don’t you forget to smile.

It doesn’t have to be long and complicated. I know we were only supposed to meet a short while. I can’t make this lifetime commitment to you.

It’s all too scary, its all too unknown. The road we walk down, the river moves us whether we want to ride it or not.

And I think it’s what I know. I think it’s because I don’t have that same desire that you do. Because I don’t want to meet your girl-best friend.


We come together to fall apart

We know this isn’t going to last,

We start this over, this toiling part

We lie to ourselves and forget the past and its eternalness

Without you I know, this time will be, a better start for him, not me.

It’s oh so scary. You don’t make these life-changing decisions for me.

And I am me and you are I. Separate and whole, two in the same.

The Yang the Yang.

And so I go now. I go this walk alone. This path is still unknown.

Winding dark and Emerald grass, a painted sky. I know it now, there shall be no lie.


We come together to fall apart

We know this isn’t going to last,

We start this over, this toiling part

We lie to ourselves and forget the past and its eternalness.

Without you I know, this time will be, a better start for him, not me.


Thermodynamics, My Guitar Man

The extensive rings of Saturn burn with heat for you.

My guitar man, how does structure form?

it’s a picture in your mind, it’s a vision in mine.

and I sit here across from you, and you stare at me. Pretend to be annoyed that I won’t shut up.

And I know what you are thinking, you stare right at me as you say it.

the meaning of each word, of every sound.

you are a visionary, a dreamer, a Pisces-Virgo Rising.

Strong and kind and you read those lyrics I suggest, a Kenny Loggins song, a John Parr verse.

You are my other, a substance that is created in that combustion, it’s what we create, it’s what I surrender to.

But is it over between us? You say you’re afraid, this isn’t what I want. “I didn’t sign up for this.”

you are a guitar, man, a bass player. You push me down on the bed and kiss me as I laugh.

You letting your depression go, you allowing me to read your mind, oh, I know it’s uncomfortable, it tires you not being able to lie to me.

you say, “your laugh is so sexy.” I say, “I love it when you smile.”

My body is charged, like that flagpole outside our window. Highlighted with the Texas flag, a perfect view, and I talk on.

on and on and you listen. You don’t even interrupt, though I know you must be getting frustrated.

And you listen, trying to interpret every word, every sound, my gaze, notes to you, and St. Erasmus.

“What isn’t she saying?” You wonder.

Because it’s all in those rings of Saturn, in the structure and form of Dark matter and energy.

Don’t say we’ll never see eachother again.

how does structure form? Thermodynamics, baby.

it’s a picture in your mind, it’s the dream I dream of you, it’s those complex rings of Saturn. It’s the unknown, it’s the scary, it’s the plasma created in St. Elmo’s fire.




The headache

Beautiful photos. Brave women! I want to do this, too!

for the love of climbing

After a short week in the big city, I drove my ass 2,300 some odd miles west to Zion, one of my favorite national parks. I don’t know what it is about Zion that’s so captivating to me—the list seems to have no end. Perhaps it’s the feeling of being on another planet (which you kind of are), or the long wall routes of endless sandstone that tower over you, inviting curious climbers to come test their ability. Perhaps it’s the local vibe buzzing around, from the Springdale Candy Company owners (a lovely couple from the midwest) to the adorable tchotchke shops with trinkets for all. Either way, Zion is made of some kind of magic and a place where magic happens.

The sheer volume of climbable terrain is enough to keep you occupied for several lifetimes. I’ve visited a handful of times now but had never done any big…

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