A perfect love relationship scenario on what not to do is from one of my favorite movies, Wedding Crashers. Let’s stop pretending not to care and distance ourselves from the men we love. So I am referring to Gloria and Jeremy’s relationship in this analogy because Gloria is a “Stage 5 Clinger” female. In a lot ways I can see why women act this way and in her movie it actually works out between her and Jeremy.. so what’s the problem?

I guess I don’t know, really other than it turns a lot of men off from what I can see .. in my personal experience. But then again, if he is meant to be.. nothing will push him away for long. I’ve read quite a few relationship books. The usual self help section for hopeless romantics. What to do and what not to do in relationships. I think though, honestly, that relationship advice is super subjective. How can one know how to act in a relationship when all relationships are different? We meet in different scenarios, for example, we are told to meet in a specific area, or to marry someone within a certain category, or our parents set us up on a date with someone they think we should be with.

But what about Romantic Love? Sir Gawain and the Green Knight and the Holy Grail of love? Is Chivalry and King Arthur’s idea of Romantic Love dead and just a Pie in the Sky? Will relationships between males and females stand the test of time? Can we all have our Fairytale ending with our one true love? Who says men can’t love a Stage 5 clinger like Gloria. A man that is an adventurer who runs as fast as he can at the first sign of clingy behavior? Can we truly love someone that won’t even talk to us? I suppose if you’ve watched enough romantic sob movies like Love Actually, it is possible. Are we all hopelessly doomed to never understand that Love is everywhere and in everything and that it is not always the same for everyone?

We can’t just read a relationship column or a book like, “Why do men Marry Bitches?” and “Always a Bridesmaid Never A Bride” and assume that this advice will somehow magically pertain to our situation or our love life.

I mean don’t we all come with baggage? Don’t we all lose our balance, our equilibrium, our alignment? Don’t we all fall in and out of love and run away from our problems? Don’t we all, at times, feel hopelessly lost in love. And in the short term, at times, lose faith and trust in it when our men walk away from us? Don’t we all inherently know that the love is never lost? Yet still we can act like Gloria, clingy. Hoping, and praying that our men won’t leave, even though this is the fastest way to lose him and keep him gone longer than you will ever know. It’s even worse when it’s flip flopped and the man is doing this to you.

What’s worse is this whole “Love Game.” Or knowing exactly what you are doing as you are doing it, but somehow you just can’t control the urge. It’s like,, you wish that you could be this distant lover holding him on the line..making him want you more…like all those other guys that you ignore and don’t really, really, love. The ones that constantly bug you to go out on dates with them and you just don’t answer. Hoping and wishing that the one you love will wake up and realize that he’s the only one you want. But I suppose this is all how you know you’ve fallen, when you’ve turned into a Stage 5 Clinger and act like a Crazy Fool waiting on the line.


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