My purpose in life is to enjoy it, get fat and watch Lifetime movie channel while eating Entenmann’s Chocoloate Donut Holes. Women of the world unite!! I am so sick and tired now of asking for other’s advice. Mostly because they aren’t you! No one can really understand anyone’s situation. And even licensed psychologists get it wrong. This is because talk therapy can only get you so far, and what if, just what if, they couldn’t see the whole picture, because lets face it, we are often disillusioning ourselves, and only confide in those we trust, and even then..we hold back a lot. So if someone else can’t see the big picture, or you in it, then why should we ask for advice in the first place? Put aside our petty differences, it’s unlikely that anyone else even knows what’s up, and put in your shoes, knows the best solution to all your problems.

This is what I’ve learned these past few months. Buck up. Make decisions for yourself, stop asking others for their opinions on your life or life problems, and stop seeking validation outside of ourselves. Because we only get one life and one shot, one opportunity–as Eminem puts it.

And by the way, I’m kind of in a feminist mood right now. And I just need to say..When is it ever okay for a guy to ask you what your purpose in life is? And maybe this is just in the context of career, yet I always take these shitty statements personal. Like..I can be petty like the best of us women, but seriously? The fuck? I think It would be okay as a woman to answer this and say look, “My purpose in life, is to sit on my ass and enjoy it, perhaps while doing nothing but popping a kid out every few years and eating Lays potato chips while drinking Diet Coke and watching Desperate Housewives..because I have to sleep with your hairy ass every few days anyhow. And look! There is nothing wrong with doing nothing for a career or being a career woman. Why are we constantly being judged for relaxing on the couch for a goddamn hour and gaining a couple of pounds. These guys and their opinions need to shut the fuck up.


One thought on “My Feminist Rant! Keep your Goddamn Opinions to Yourself and Stop Asking For Advice

  1. My answer: “My purpose in life. I have been thinking about that and just had an epiphany. My purpose is to avoid shits like yourself or, at least, avoid giving a fine fuck about you. Thanks for the laugh. Good day.” But I’m kind of the leave a scar type.


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