April Come She Will

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On Love and being single

Love is found in the void

Love is found in the absence

Love is found in sadness

Love is found when all things seem lost

Love is attracted to love

Being single is a Catch– 22

You attract when you’re absent

In the absence you find knowing

Love is within

Love is in me

Love is in you

The Catch–22 hurts because I have to tell those pining men they are not my destiny.

I know my destiny is you.

But you’re lost in sadness right now

Allow my love for you

My love is for you.

And I am waiting for you in the void.

I am here, waiting, keeping my space for you.

Polysemy of The Secular Explication

Charles Taylor argues in his journal, “Polysemy of the Secular” that secularism means different things within different cultures, and that governments have inadvertently become secular because of separation of Church and State. Therefore Taylor thinks secular governments share three broad goals. Taylor argues that the secular can occur anywhere at any time everywhere. There is a need for a separation between the two things, religion and irreligion. For instance Taylor comments that the Islamic state doesn’t make a separation and therefore Islamic society cannot adopt a “secular regime” (1144). In this essay I will argue that secular governments do not meet Taylor’s goals of religious liberty, equality, and fraternity because historically these ideas have materialized in American and French government.

In “Polysemy of the Secular,” there is a shown case and point in history where secularism models itself into the form of government. Charles Taylor discusses the basis for a secular government and relates the ideas to the French Revolution’s trinity of liberty, equality, and fraternity (1151). In the case of liberty, no one must be forced into the domain of religion or basic belief. The “free exercise” of religion, this is clearly stated in the first amendment to the U.S. Constitution as a form of liberty. In the U.S. Constitution, we have the establishment of religion clause that prohibits government from making any law establishing religion, as well as the free exercise of religion, allowing people freedom as well. While these are not perfect in supporting an exact shared goal of Taylor, these may be able to meet the equality goal in a perfect world.

The idea that secular governments must remain equal between people of different faiths or basic belief with no religious or areligious outlook is questionable at best. This idea is essentially the goal of equality, and while it may have been attempted in history through the Constitution or other documents in our government. According to Mead, the Reformation broke up the idea of “one” Church in Christendom (292). The idea of establishing a religion in the Constitution may not have actually been to necessarily separate Church from State, but because the government wanted freedom to choose denominationalism, and the fact that there would still be religion in government was still inferred. Mead goes on to argue that the Frontier was what changed the U.S. and allowed religious freedom (294-295).

Tracy Fessenden argues that it is not possible to not have a religious perspective, in the U.S. this manifests in a protestant outlook on government and information.

Alternatively, Fessenden’s Culture and Redemption is situated on her thinking that government and its people cannot be entirely secular, that Protestantism is a highly prescriptive religion in America, and an unmarked category which is overly accommodating in the US government, especially when compared with other religions (3). An example of this would be how there is a protestant perspective on information, and the accessibility for understanding documents in this vernacular.

Taylor’s goal of equality could be found in either French Laicite or the U.S. Constitution in the Bill of Rights and freedom of speech and civil rights. I think that in the attempt for the French to create an equality of public space, their attempt to nix nay religious symbols was a way of creating a non-discriminatory “religious haven” of sorts for students, minors and teachers that are civil servants. In France, the headscarf was thought to be an oppressive symbol for women forced to be worn by men– at least that is what I was told the French believe and support. This was their reason for outlawing the scarf. This is a hard-fought controversial topic and doesn’t seem to support equality.

Finally, Taylor argues that secular governments must maintain fraternity, that all spiritual families must be heard, and included in the ongoing process of determining what the society is about and how it is going to realize these goals. This goal is a bit ambiguous because it makes it seem as though being heard means being able to change something or actually be able to determine government. I can see why Fessenden might roll her eyes over this.  Wars have been fought for over religious differences. In another instance of disagreement, the Muslim women in France protested the law of not being able to wear the headscarf in public places, and stated, “Le foulard n’est pas un signe.” Yet the Stasi commission saw the headscarf as a statement of hostility against the republic and its essential institution. Taylor comments on the scarf and states that the French government ignored the reasons for why women wore it and that there were sociological studies done that the scarf was not worn as an “oppressive symbol” or forced by men like assumed by the French masses.

There are many attempts at secularization in public places, governments, and the spectrum that it can occur on, Charles Taylor’s goals have a potential of being met. Was America able to produce a country that is built upon life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness? I think so, or it has attempted to do so. Can and should all religions get along in harmony and not have a favored religion, like Taylor suggests? I think this is probably impossible, but there are too many wars that have been fought in the Middle East for example, over this very subject of supreme religion and brotherhood. These nuances and attempts have not shown to be entirely successful, however.

In terms of getting rid of all religion I believe this is an example of Frances attempt at not having any religious symbols in public spaces or worn by civil servants. Yet it is now considered to have been done as hostility toward religion, it may have in all actuality been an attempt to stop the oppression of women, yet can also be viewed as discrimination. Due to the recent arguments that there still exists a prescriptive Protestantism in American government, it is hard to always realize the subtle undertones of religion in public places. The Secularism goals and ideas of Taylor are probably impossible to meet.

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Ponytail Man

You’re in my spiritual space. You’ve moved into higher consciousness and are transitioning to my realm. You’ve projected yourself into my dreams, and are inhabiting my fantasies.
You’re a ponytail man.
The dream.
You walk passed me in the hallway of mirrors.
You walked towards me with your red shirt on and your hands reaching for me outside of a small bakery.

Sunglasses on, you pull them down, you invite me to visit you. To travel with you.
you look up at me and stare as you keep walking toward me.
You take a look at me and when we see each other on the street, you smile and give me a hug.

It is so nice to see you!

Nice to see you, too!
You’re a ponytail man.
You’re so fine, but what can be done?

Lyrics for Hunter Hayes From The Writing Girl in Austin

Song Lyrics by Molly Farr

You, that sweet girl. Standing there

You, standing outside my window with your long brown hair.

You and that look upon your face, you stand, talking in glory and that stance of grace.

She tells me she will see me at the show tonight. She tells me of her plans to make a flight.

That girl combines religion and gospel. She sings R.E.M. and Bridge Over Troubled Water.


She knew it at once her love of robotics. She knew it all then with her photographic mind. Who knew I’d fall for a girl that wonders about wonders..

Who knew I’d love her love for Artificial Intelligence–Nothing at all.

She’s gone to Cali now to study Physics; she’s gone to deep space to study existence.

The Fascination with gaming and science fiction. The love of June Cash and Johnny’s Devotion.

The sweet gentle touch of my arm around your waist, I feel your vibration, I feel your taste.

She’s got plans to go back to the Chicago Museum. Where she went as a child to see George Lucas’ Creation.

That Darth Vader helmet drew inspiration.

That Storm Trooper vision that sparked her sensation.


She knew it at once her love of robotics. She knew it all then with her photographic mind. Who knew I’d fall for a girl that wonders about wonders..

Who knew I’d love her love for Artificial Intelligence–Nothing at all.

She’s gone to Cali now to study Physics; she’s gone to deep space to study existence.


April Come She Will

I heard the song last night by Simon and Garfunkel, “April Come She Will.” I know this is my daughter. I get messages in sound, music, and pictures, and visions and feelings.

A few nights ago, I went into the vortex and discovered my Akashic Record. I transcended the Earth plane, and this dimension.

I saw my soul’s purpose in this lifetime.

I know who I will marry, who I am going to marry.

I know that I am going to be an example for others, a leader, a speaker, a teacher.

I know I am going to have another baby girl, her name is April, she will be an Aries. She is one of the reasons I have come into this lifetime. To give birth to her. My God she is beautiful! She will be the next evolution of humanity, she will be an evolved human being that will surpass all and any understanding, knowledge that I  or him could ever learn in a lifetime. She is a manifestation and a symbol of the coming generation that will inhabit this earth.

I saw my new baby nephew, he is beautiful and smiley and looks just like my baby picture at 3 months. He is due May 1st, 2017.


I keep having these visions of babies, and pregnancies, and I just can’t even. They are dancing in my head.

These Powerful Psychic Abilities of Mine

There is a reason I have shut off my third eye. There is a reason for why I had to destruct and suffer and disallow. Cut myself off from God.

But I have chosen never to close off my gifts ever again.

The fear, the knowing, there are reasons why we don’t want to see things. There is a reason most of us don’t know the future.

It scares you, it scares most.

Tonight my visions were vivid. I saw us dancing to our song on our wedding day again, it has been there for a few weeks, but.. it’s clear as day now. It’s a beautiful choreographed song that will tell our story when everyone watches us dance to it.

Tonight I saw you, holding me in your arms and me crying, having just miscarried our first child at 9 weeks, or was it 3 months? I guess it doesn’t really matter. I can’t sleep, and avoid or prevent this.

It started up again yesterday, you allowing me, and you seeing my abilities and me for who I really am. You saw and understood after you watched the Tarot readings about Scorpios and Capricorns, and the fraternal twins, The Lovers and the Two of Cups and the Empress. I tuned in and asked, and was told your Sun is in the 9th house, you’re a Capricorn on the cusp with a Moon in the 10th house in Aquarius. You have so much Libra and Gemini energy. Your 6th house is most likely in Leo. But I accidentally already watched your Capricorn reading back in early March.

You schemed tonight about pretending to be engaged and wearing a wedding band on Tuesday. Why? Why.. that is so stupid and unnecessary. I get it, you like your boundaries. You stubborn asshole. I just want to talk to you and tell you what I know and see. I want to tell you I love you. You want to protect me already. But you won’t hurt me because of your past. I need you to protect me, and I need your love.

And you were watching and reading everything all weekend trying to figure out if I am the one. Reading my Cancer Ascendant description, finding out if this water sign is the woman of your dreams. If I am your soulmate. I think the answer is pretty clear, baby. I saw you and know you are. And you have been waiting for me and have been patient for me, too.

Institutions Falling, Louis C.K. “You Always Know a Tit,” and The Grapes of Wrath

Today I got a message from spirit. I felt fear, and rightly so, it came right after I got an email from my dear friend that would be talking about institutions in America crumbing at a meeting. The society is about to go through a great change, maybe this is hard for some to hear. I am not afraid though. I let the fear go, because after the energy came in, I felt it in my gut, like a lead balloon being dropped in the pit of self worth and will. The Capitalist society we are living in, the service industry, just everything is going to fall to pieces.

And any and every industry is going to feel the effects of this massive shift. It has been described by other psychics as the paradigm shift. There are fanatics and crazies everywhere that have predicted the End of the world, a Zombie Apocalypse, The book of Revelation.. blah blah. That truly is a load of poo poo. But.. This is not what I am referring to and that’s what I am trying to point out that this is a shift, not the end of times. A change is sometimes needed, an adaptation of some kind for humanity to survive and evolve into something else.

Sometimes this is something people fear because us humans are afraid of losing things. The great depression toughened that generation into resourceful, tough individuals that came out of that WWII era. This paradigm shift (let’s call it the “Divine Feminine”) is going to do the same for my generation. This shift is not something to fear. We have a bit more time to prepare for this before it really starts to hit us Americans individually. However I can say with great certainty it is going to start this December 2017 when Saturn moves into Capricorn, and then it will continue and start again in 2018 with a fervent noticeable effect over a period of the next three years. I say all of this not to evoke any sense of fear in anyone, but to enlighten those who wish to know some of the future economic and institutional changes that will occur on a global scale.

Which brings me to the Grapes of Wrath, yeah pretty much everything that was going about the shift happened to the Joads, but in a different way. The wind blew yesterday, and all I could think about was the dust bowl and the Grapes and the WWII generation and how they suffered. The scales are and will be tipping in the favor of the poor, they will come out on top again in our time just so you know.

And lastly, how does this relate at all to Louis C.K.?? Well, I was listening to the George Carlin channel on Pandora last night, my favorite comedian, and Louis C.K’s “You Always Know A Tit” bit came on and at the end he mentions how at the end of the Grapes of Wrath, a grown man breastfeeds from a young woman he just met.

EWE, so I guess the ending of the book I am reading was spoiled for me! Damn sometimes we just can’t control what we want to know. It can’t be prevented.

Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman?

I just felt the need to write today about one of my recent life experiences. And because of it happening to me the way it did, it was all of a sudden, an extreme shift, and so powerful, all at once, like a rubber band releasing on a pull to come right at me. I had to tell my friends and the people close to me in my sphere, the people that I most look up to. And I guess the response I got was a little bit of a let down at least the two men at school who are my professors who I chatted with today.

I have been practicing law of attraction, love vibration, and getting in tune with nature. I meditate, I pray for those who I love and I feel love, I am love. It’s been getting stronger. I love Abraham Hicks, Vishin Lakhiani, and Bob Proctor and so many more. And this week I watched this YouTube video that I resonated with about the Holographic Universe from the “Quietest Revolution.” And then read some articles on Schumann’s resonance, by Dr. Joe Dispenza. I had an awakening and realization about life, creation and manifestation. I haven’t been sleeping.

And I say this because at first I was afraid of my powers. For a long time I hated myself, I felt disconnected from God, and source energy and love. I have always believed in God since I was a young child, however did I really have faith and trust in God? I still felt that I needed to look for love outside of myself. I was destructive, constantly yearning to numb my pain, not knowing what real love was. I was never my true self, complete with my inner being, yet separated from it, in a battle with her for 6 months while Venus went into the underworld and black moon Lilith was in Scorpio last year.

And so through the destruction, as a Scorpio I am at home with this energy, I found the transformation and connection with God again. But with my Cancer AC and Pisces Moon, I have come into oneness with myself and my inner being, finally, here and now. I have been practicing and am feeling so much love, it’s this cup that is overflowing with joy, and love, and abundance in all things. This past week desires and requests have been manifesting in my life like crazy. Things that I couldn’t explain to anyone. Things that two men that I look up to can’t even make sense of after I tried to explain my experience.

And so I have been spending a lot of time in the vortex, or the other dimension. I’m ascending to a point to which I can’t come down from it when it happens, until it just happens in the early hours of the morning. I can learn to control this, by just not being in that vibrating place all of the time, and living in this moment. Maybe not being happy and sometimes frustrated, or listening to the radio at 440 hz. or just not using frequency too much. Still I am starting to feel the physical effects of all this manifestation. And perhaps you don’t get me or think I am crazy. I feel like I have always had a level head on reality, though. So if it could happen to me, don’t you think it could happen to you? I am a powerful creator and I heal myself and others by moving energy, and light, and holding a space for love. The possibilities are endless.

And so I will tell you some of the manifestations that I asked for this week and how they appeared to me. It was so dang cool. These are just a few.

I asked for a Cardinal to show up. It showed up that afternoon, and sang for me and my mom.

I asked for a question about chocolate that I wanted from a specific person. The next morning that was the first question my mom brought to my attention. I asked about someone “Taking me to Paris,” because I missed the Study Abroad deadline to go this summer and for the scholarship deadline for Fall. I asked that someone to offer to “Take me to Paris, France in the vortex, and I wanted it now! lol, because I stayed home, it wasn’t that person, but instead my mom wore her Old Navy Shirt that says, “Take me to Paris.”

But then I knew I would be back at school so I started asking for more to show me how good I am at this process. and Holy shiittt the requests to God and the Universe became more powerful.

I asked for someone to offer me a flower and tell me that I am beautiful. Well a student in one of my classes ended up telling a story about a homeless lady that sells flowers to people at my campus, because she is sick with cancer. How much more beauty can you ask for in that?

I asked for wonderful conversation and beauty and I got it today with all three of my professors and every lecture! I loved a student in one of my classes perspective on the Grapes of Wrath. I left feeling like he gave a powerful insight and I thanked him for this.

I asked the Universe for my professor to wear his Navy blue suit today, because that one is my favorite. He wore it today.

I asked for a sign that the love I am feeling for someone is true and real, and that he is feeling it, too. Because God, what is he doing to me? It’s so powerful and amazing.

It manifested itself in him reading the same quote from the novel we read. The song “Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman,” wouldn’t stop playing in my head today, and I mean, I love Bryan Adams, but that song is random! When I saw him I couldn’t help sing it to myself. And I just can’t keep it in anymore, nervous laughter and constant sweating when I see him. And lolz my dress kept flying up today for no reason! I’m pretty sure my ass was exposed to half of the school because I wore a thong. Never again, thanks self-conscious awareness!!

I told one of my friends at school and a professor that I wanted to quit school after this semester and do something else. I told a professor that I wanted to go and travel to France this summer. That I am a spiritual healer, intuitive, psychic. I move energy, use light and have a powerful mind that this is my true soul’s purpose in this life. That I want to get married again and have another baby, because I know I have another daughter out there waiting for me to create her.

And after all of this, it got brought up again, what would you do if you quit school, became a bum and had endless possibilities and freedom to manifest every desire and every want? Especially if you were able to channel Jack Kerouac.

Because I love Beauty, Truth, and Honesty above all things, and I wouldn’t have written this if I didn’t feel that my life experience wasn’t all of these things.