Cinderella Dresses and Sweet Bees: How I know I love you. For my lover.

Today I was sitting there and it’s just like, I can’t control it anymore. I love you.

And it’s just these words that I want to tell you.

The words like Manifest and Destiny, and Love, and Losing Control in your Gaze.

That male gaze, My God it gets me going.

You are Fresh, you are MIA, I am a bright young college kid, it might as well be me, baby.

You’re unbaked now, you’re undone. Yeah I know you were high. Done being drunk, tired and stressed? Done being alone?

You’re afraid you will lose control if we are alone together, you’re that hot, sexy nervous sweating around me. I love that about you. It’s how I know you love me, it’s how I know I love you. Because I am tangled up in your desire. Flower

And should I post my theories on my blog? These energies change daily. And how do I know if I will have a girl or a boy with you? I only know if I am with you, because you will decide. Why does the male get to choose the gender of the baby? Because males have the ability to shoot the canon with their y or x chromosome.

And my great- grandma with her corn cob pipe told me so, she told me she is Comanche. She is a warrior princess queen. When you spoke those words of beauty and long hair, and her appearing as a white buffalo woman today with her visions of the future, it’s how I knew you were singing to me. That white buffalo woman came and sang for you and for me. White Buffalo woman goes singing. And I’m your Destiny’s Darling. I don’t ever want to leave you, I want you to protect me. Yeah, I’m so hot for you and only you.

What’s to be done with all of this passion and spark and fire? I  think it’s time we got together, I think it’s time we make our baby girl. You come and get your love.

It’s these Cinderella dresses that I buy to wear at The Phantom of the Opera, it’s the bees that suck the nectar from the center of the orange blossom. When April is ripe with rain, May will come to stay. May, oh, she will come to stay.


Have hot sex again!

How to have hot sex again when you haven’t been having sex

My personal experience is, it’s a matter of changing your perspective and shifting the energy, especially if you’ve been with the same partner for a long period. From a woman’s viewpoint, I think we tend to get sucked into a thinking that can feel like self-doubt, disillusionment about our bodies for example. When you add the emotional roller coaster, we can experience a downward spiral to not having sex at all if we continue this thinking.

I like to listen to Abraham hicks, the way of thinking is so true, until you can get into the receptive mode for sex, it’s like you can’t shift into having hot sex.

I wanted to have sex again because I was very horny recently. However, my partner and I haven’t had sex for 6 months and I was starting to feel like maybe I needed to find another partner and look elsewhere. I am an attractive female and know that I could find someone else to meet my physical needs.

I had a conversation about this very topic with my partner this week. We made an agreement that we would keep each other informed about how were feeling. I told him that I was very unhappy and that I wasn’t getting my needs met. We talked about one of us moving out. I was very upset.

Something crazy happened this weekend. I started feeling good again about getting back out in the dating world and so I was starting to reach out on the internet and started sexting anonymously with a man through a site. It started the vibration up for me that I wanted to have sex, burning desire and passion was realigned in me. For some reason, I couldn’t help myself once it got going and I went and woke up my partner who was sleeping in the other room.

If we can start to allow ourselves to feel sexy again, even if it’s not in the most “conventionally” accepted ways of marriage and commitment, we can allow the sexual energies to flow through us, and we will be unstoppable in the bedroom.

This passion from the sexting of an anonymous person allowed me to get back into the thinking of hot sex, and in reality like Abraham hicks says, it doesn’t even matter who the person is that you are with, you are just using them to focus your energy, in this case, hot sexual passionate energy. I think sometimes we get hung up on the person we are with when it doesn’t really matter who it is, perhaps women do this even more than men because we think so differently. We can have hot sex with anyone, including the person we have been disallowing ourselves to have sex with whom we deeply care about.