A Systemic Complacency

I try to break out of my comfort zone, but I can’t

My eyes still look away

Not wanting to see homeless people.

Rather disassociate myself in order to survive

It’s the shit.

It’s what we are spoon fed in grade school

To be preconditioned is to be forewarned of the suffering

The massive shift from chattel slavery to the prison-industrial system

For that matter, sex trafficking and domestic violence

Slavery can be forgotten, because it’s still happening.

Now it’s just in a different forum.

Can’t we just blame Walmart or Canada?

We didn’t even have a chance, we were already so far behind.

If it’s not one thing, it’s just another

And the horror of it all.

But now it’s a Renaissance

Breaking away the social construct of previous generations

It takes time to showcase the art of suffering

The suffering that has been internalized for years, at least since the 90’s

From what I can remember, technophobia and Y2K, and OJ Simpson’s murder trial.

The problems are systemic and came from those TV’s and rows of houses.

They come from darkness, or when you made the discovery that it was all a lie.

It was how they controlled mass populations of people.

By selling them a dream, and being able to tear it away on a moments whim

By telling us to internalize all of our problems, because how else could we go to work everyday and suffer? Only if we are good boys and girls and each earn a living can we be happy, successful members of society.

Good Citizens, yes, good Citizens.

We never had a chance.

We became complacent when we could no longer buy three meals a day for ourselves or our children.

We became complacent when our mothers chose to be homeless instead of working a 9-5 job.

We became complacent when we had a heart attack and could not pay our medical debts.

We became complacent when we owed back taxes to the IRS.

We became complacent when our children are taken away from us because we chose drugs, or alcohol or another man.

We became complacent when we are told we are no longer needed and lose our jobs.

We became complacent when our house was infested with German Cockroaches and we lose all of our belongings.

We become complacent when mother nature rears her ugly head and destroys an entire town with a tornado.

We become complacent when we know longer know anything, for our belief system was all shattered, turned upside down, tipped over, lost, broken, penetrable, because we were misunderstood, and too chaotic

Art for art’s sake, no that’s just for people who have nothing better to do besides wear a mask to cover their apathy and boredom. And who has time to be bored anymore? We are just surviving, trying to eat and making sure that we won’t be deported next month? Our dreams have already been crushed and so we are waiting for the right time. The opportune moment to take action. Waiting for the Feminine. Waiting for our Austin Renaissance.